I’ve been stewing about this for awhile now, not so much whether to say something but how to say it.  This week Celtic forward Jason Collins announced that he’s gay and in the NBA in an interview with SI.  ESPN NBA analyst Chris Broussard responded with a reasoned, personal opinion on national television.

Gay Marriage EqualityFirst. Jason’s life is Jason’s business, how he wishes to share his life with the rest of the world is his business.  Chris Broussard has a right to his opinion, and he presented that respectfully and rationally.  I have the right to disagree with him, and I have the right to express my opinion.  You have the right to disagree, and you have the right to express your opinion. You will need to find your own place to do that.

For those who so rabidly rant about homosexuality being a sin against God (I’m using the “big G” for your benefit, not mine.) and that gay marriage has no place on earth,  consider this: when you start publicly condemning your church elders for adultery, for the sexual abuse of children, for abortion…until you start coming out on TV and radio, condemning the religious media for the flagrant misconduct of their personal lives…until you do this, you need to sit down and shut up.

Maybe you say to yourself, it’s none of my business what type of relationships my pastor or my deacons have, and it’s none of my business how they conduct their personal lives.

Maybe you believe it’s none of your business how many sexual relationships your choir master has had, or the number of abortions your Sunday School teacher has had. Maybe you go and celebrate the marriage of two people who met and conducted an extra-marital affair that resulted in divorce (and since it’s been known to happen, a child conceived out of wedlock) followed by their marriage. If you find this acceptable, if you believe these things are none of your business, you need to sit down and shut up.

If these things aren’t any of your business, then it is most certainly none of your business what two complete strangers do about celebrating their lives together. It’s none of your business if the make it a matter of public record through a civil union and it is definitely none of your business whether they want to get married in the church.  That’s between them and their church, and their Holy Spirit. Not yours.  You are not their Holy Spirit.

You were not appointed by God to barge into other people’s lives and tell them what they’re doing wrong.  You do not go to the lady at the other table in the restaurant and tell her she needs to quit yelling at her children.  You do not chase down the person who ran that red light, or call the cops when the guy in front of you is clearly drunk and endangering everyone else on the road. Why do you feel anointed to tell complete strangers you don’t approve of who they sleep with?  You can’t even control the sexual activity of your own children.  Complete strangers are None. Of. Your. Business.

If you believe so strongly that they are going to die and go to hell, then you pray to your God that they will live their lives as God would want them to.  Then pray that you will live your life in the way God wants you to.

In the mean time, get your house in order, sit down, and shut up.