When I run I have a tendency to write in my head.  Most of my book reviews have started on a run (including this one) and have been smoothed, and folded and pressed into what I actually want to say later when I have a delete key handy.  In December we got 36 inches of snow and I observed that running outside was over until March.  Shortly after that we got another 24 inches, and then another 18, followed by one pitiful little 8 inch storm.  Pathetic really, but it did manage to cover all the ice that at one time had been snow, then melt, then ice, more snow, more ice, more melt…you get the idea. It wasn’t until March that the roads were clear enough to run on.

In the meantime, I joined a gym, ran on the treadmill and read, used the stationary cycles and read. I read on the bus, I read on the train. I read in the car on the way to Maine.  Since December, I’ve read close to 50 books.  Don’t misunderstand, some weren’t very long (Where the Wild Things Are), and some weren’t very taxing (Artemis Fowl and just about everything). There’s no good place to start reviewing.  I’m in the process of finishing the fourth and final book in a series which I’m not going to try and review without having reviewed the others.

To some extent I kind of felt like writing reviews was pointless, but I’ve met some new people and some early “listeners” (readers read books, they don’t read me), have pointed out that maybe more people are interested than I know.   Frankly, I like to write them.  I have a couple of rules that come from  a previous life.  They go like this, you can’t do any book justice in fewer than 200 words and if you can’t say it in 500 words, it shouldn’t be said.  Try not to get involved in spoilers, no one comes away happy.

There are notable exceptions.  The review of the Lucky Charms box being one.

Most of my reviews are posted as links on GoodReads, I am not sure if you can see them as I have my profile set to cloaking shield. You might click around over there if you’re interested.  So, having said that, I have some books I’ve almost finished, and I also have some social commitments that I have to address, and in between I’m going to squeeze in book reviews.

Oh. The other thing I usually post are Road Trip stories, and I have a Road Trip coming up at the end of this month…