I hardly know where to start…the good? the bad? or the ugly?

Mmm..The ugly…
Are you familiar with the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day, by Judith Viorst?  My run tonight was that book.  First, I went out to shovel the snow, and my feet were cold and my hands were cold and the snow was stupid and wouldn’t sweep and wouldn’t shovel.  Dumb people walking on my snow, on my sidewalk…stupid people.

So, I went for my run, thinking this would make it all better, and I could get my head clean, oh, clear…clean, clear..neither worked out.  My hands were warm, my feet were warm, my legs were cold, my arms were cold, my body was cold, my ears were cold, my nose was cold this wasn’t a particularly good trade off in my opinion … AND my iPod was very unhappy with me, and only played the same song, over and over and over. And over.

Now if this ever happens to you, remember one thing. If you don’t know a song that is very very long, pick a song you are willing to listen to for as long as it takes.  From what I can tell that song is not Uncle John’s Band by the Grateful Dead.  It’s also not Pink by Aerosmith.

don-juan-demarcoHowever, (and now we’re straying into the good territory) I was able to set my iPod to play Arabia from the sound track of the movie Don Juan DeMarco (Johnny Depp).  So an endless loop of an instrumental that reminds me of a domestic argument.  The husband puts his foot down. (I think that’s an oboe.) Then the wife bats her eyes. (I think that’s a clarinet.) He puts his foot down again. (I think it’s a bass with the oboe.) She tucks her hands up under her chin, tilts her head a little bit, and bats her eyes again.  Then there’s the sound of domestic harmony.  We all know who won here…even the husband is under no illusion that he stood a chance.  (This is maybe not good territory, but after the third time around, I was beginning to find it more funny than the fact I was freezing my proverbial off.)

Ok, so the good…
When I ran on the 20th it was 25 degrees out, and it was glorious.  When I ran on the 22nd and it was 15 degrees out, it was great.  It was crisp and clear and the snow was crunchy beneath my feet. (And I was warm all over.)  Then I got home from work on the 23rd, and it was FIVE degrees outside, and I was warm all over, because I was inside, and NOT running outside, crunchy snow or no crunchy snow.

I forget what was bad…so it couldn’t have been too bad, now could it?

It’s supposed to warm up too…isn’t it? Someday?

(Oh, and by the way, Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Hear me? I Mean It!) Going to Move, has another book titled Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday).  That Judith Viorst knows her stuff.)