The Forever Gate — Isaac Hooke

This Forever Gate
is the first in a series.  It’s a nice, light dystopian tale, if there is such a thing. You’ll find the characters are charming and complex.

Hoodwink, our erstwhile hero, isn’t very heroish, really. He’s a fugitive from what passes for the law, having escaped the guillotine.  (Because using a sword for beheadings is SO barbaric.)  He’s wounded and on the run.  His capital crime is ambiguous at first, but as his motives become clear so do his actions.

A seemingly old man takes him in and the reader discovers that nothing is as it seems in this world.  It’s not wintertime, it’s been winter for a long, long time.  Humans have power, unlimited power, but their not so human overlords subjugate them, shackling them leaving them powerless to protect themselves.

Hoodwink has the opportunity to change the balance of power and while he sees few options in avoiding the executioner, he is more than a little reluctant to take this step.  And quite a step it is.  Having no alternatives and more than enough motivation, he sets out to climb “The Wall”.  Rumored to be insurmountable, he survives the cold and the bleak face of the wall. He reaches the top only to find there is no way down.

The Forever Gate
Herein lies the heart of the story. Every thing that goes before becomes as a dream to Hoodwink. He is confounded in every step and at every turn he is confronted by new obstacles and hazards.Just as Hoodwink thinks, “Further, I cannot go,” I can go no more. This is a story that tells itself and you must follow Hoodwink’s footsteps to learn it.
Isaac is working on the second installment in the Forever Gate series, which he expects will be out in Spring of 2013