Road Trip Austin APR 2013

08JAN:  I think I’ve finally figured out how to dress for the weather.  I think I’ve tried every combination possible, and what it boils down to is I am either way too hot or my patookis is cold.  It doesn’t matter if I tuck my shirt in, wear an extra pair of running shorts underneath my tights, two pairs of tights and extra shirt, one in and one out…one or the other, too hot or freezing my proverbial…we’re going with freezing my proverbial.

Now, about that ice. I just don’t like running on ice. Running on ice in the dark? It ain’t happening.  I can just see me face up on the pavement, wondering what day it is.  It’s not like I’ve never done it before. Those of you who know me, can probably name at least one instance where I’ve had the opportunity to forget my name.

I’ve added some hills to my run, and I almost feel like I’m starting all over again.  Get to the top think I’m gonna puke a lung up, get to the bottom think I’m gonna barf just thinking about getting to the top again.  But the interesting thing is that I’m beginning to feel like I could run all day as long as you don’t make me run fast…and depending on the music I’m listening to.  Best song ever to run to? Warner Brothers Cartoon Theme Song (not really).  Worst song to run to? The Rabbit of Seville (no, really).

I’ve been composing these little notes while I run, it gives me something to work on in my head so I don’t pay attention to my body.  Good for the soul and all that.

I have a letter that I will be sending to family and friends about my trek, and if any of you would like a copy to pass along, leave a comment with an email.  I promise I will not post or use your email in any manner other than to forward you this message.  I despise people who do that, and I will not be a party to such behavior.

’til next time.

I hope it’s helpful, I’ve included a link to the first Road Trip: Austin post.