What I didn’t get to do:

We didn’t get to see the WWII museum.  I had been told before we left that I should leave at least 3 hours and that all day would be a more accurate estimation.  That jus didn’t work out.

We also didn’t make it to the New Orleans Museum of Art for the same reason.  With over 40 thousand works on display, I knew we wouldn’t be able to do it justice.

I would have liked to get to Frenchmen St. and to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  There was just too much other stuff going on.

Of course, I didn’t get depantsed outside a bar on Bourbon St.  How embarrassing would it be to have to admit that’s you on the traffic cam being forcibly removed from a bar, getting into a fight with a  crowd of strangers, ending up face down unconscious on the pavement, being robbed, and then having your pants stolen off your ass?  Oh, yeah, man.  We had a great time in New Orleans! We partied like rock stars!!!  (Which would explain why your friends aren’t talking to you.)

I also was not the recipient of the ministrations of the New Orleans Rescue Unit at the Popeye’s on Canal.  I have absolutely no idea what happened there, but the ambulance was in a hurry to get there and in a bigger hurry to go.  Just glad it wasn’t me.

Finally, I hope to take the riverboat cruise when we’re here again  The river always fascinates me. You can see the other side and it seems so close.  And THEN! the oil tanker goes in one direction and the container ship goes in the other.  And how much wider I realize the river is when I watch them pass.  I wonder how deep the river is that they come and go with such ease.  I’m such a little kid sometimes.