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While I was running…

First off, these posts are not going to be all prettified with photos or awesome layout or any of that nonsense. WordPress has some funkiness that can make getting it just right time consuming and frustrating.  I’m just going to type and post. Anyway…

I really hate running and every time I get dressed out to runn (minor victory) and out the door (second minor victory) and home again without a heart attack (major victory) I think “I wish I had something to listen to besides what I have to listen to.”  Help me out here and send along a playlist that’s at least 15 minutes long, but not too much more than 45 minutes long for me to download and add to things I already listen to. Give your playlist a name, and I’ll give play list shout outs as well.

I’m looking forward to  your support and participation.  I’d be really happy if you and all your friends came to Austin and ran the Mudder with me.  But I’ll settle for your encouragement here.

I was watching football this afternoon (Dallas 20, Cinci 19) and I saw an advertisement for a thing called the Fluidity Bar.  It’s basically a bar mounted on a rack that allows you to do various strength training exercises…ok, go here and see for yourself. Words do not begin to do this justice.  This got me to thinking about the movie Ruthless People with Danny DeVito and Bette Middler, who uses a broomstick and two chairs to the same effect.  The fluidity bar is $405 (a $706 value!) and the broom stick ..depends on if you want a Swiffer or not.  The fluidity bar folds flat and can be stored under your bead and the broomstick can be stored where ever you store your brooms.  I’m going to explore the broomstick idea and see if I can make the broomstick concept work to my advantage.  I’ll keep you posted how that goes.

As things get going, I’m probably post separately giving shout outs to those who participate, but for now I want to give the biggest, bestest shout out possible to my chica H.R. Thomas (and little man B).  She is my first donor, and as such gets a special gift from me.  Once I figure out what to give her.

It’s a good thing I don’t run very far.  I can only listen to myself talk for so long.

Tough on BlindnessThe link Tough on Blindness is now live.  I look forward to your encouragement and support.

I will endeavor to tag and categorize all future posts with “Austin” to make it easier to find earlier posts.

Tough on Blindness

I’m all in.

To celebrate a certain milestone in my life, I’ll be running the Tough Mudder in Austin, TX in April.  This event is meant to challenge me both physically and metaphysically.  Not only do I want to do something that is greater than myself, I want to accomplish something that is greater than myself as well.

I am taking this opportunity to commit to raising funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  Several people that I am close to suffer from Retinitis Pigmentosa which is a genetic disease that causes the breakdown of the retinal lines in the back of the eye.   Here is a video describing life with RP.

My goal is to raise $5000, but I can’t do this without your support.  Most of you don’t know me from a blank wall, yet I believe we have a certain connection or you wouldn’t be here reading this.  I beseech you… (implore you? beg you? request?) … OK, seriously, I am strongly desirous that you would share my journey with your family, friends and readers.  I hope to take an important event in my life and turn it into an important event in the lives of many others.  First, hopefully by inspiring you and others to do great things, and second, to contribute to finding a cure for RP.

A friend of mine has helped me create an account where donations can be made.  Tough on Blindness is listed on the YouCaring website.  I hope this will make it easier to spread the word about what I hope to accomplish.

As April gets closer, I’ll be telling you all about how exciting it is to run in freezing rain, blowing and drifting snow.  How much fun it is to work late, run late, eat late and sleep less.  I’ll be telling you how much it sucks doing push ups, pull ups, sit ups…and how much of a complete candy-ass I am.

I’ll also be letting you know the progress of my fund-raising efforts.  Your willingness to support my vision honors me, and I want to honor you in return.

I’m telling you all of this because I’ll need your support, and I’ll want to enjoy your amusement and crusty observations of all that will happen between here and there.  As always…it will be an entertaining ride.