Lucky’s Memoir

Lucky Charms: A Memoir – Lucky the Leprechaun

From the beginning of our reading careers we’re told not to judge a work by its cover.  In no case is this truer than in Lucky Charms: A Memoir.  This is a work without pretense, without guile.  Some readers will feel that this should be a standalone work, yet, it has a depth and continuity rarely found in this genre.  When Lucky first came to us, he had in his possession, stars, a moon, hearts and clover.  As his work has matured, new elements have been added and brought to the fore; we now have the added benefit of red balloons, a shooting star and rainbows to accompany his initial offerings. Even more recently, Lucky has developed the concepts of horseshoe, hour glass, and lucky hat.  This memoir clearly has avoided the trap of becoming placid in its role as a household staple.

Many might feel that this is a work geared more to a younger audience, but I would argue there is plenty of food for thought for everyone.  If we start at the beginning, we see that Lucky prides himself on his appearance and on displaying a positive attitude at all times.  There is no dark side to Lucky, after all his magic is delicious. He has no hidden agenda, displaying his charms for all to see.As we delve deeper we see that this is a motivational text.  On the one hand, Lucky lays out everything to be examined.  He provides the necessary information needed to make the right choices for enjoying his world. There is a table of contents, and then, broken down into an almost statistically precise accounting he describes how this work can personally impact your life.

On the other hand we see Lucky embracing his role as motivator.  He encourages the reader to make wise choices.  He diagrams the great pyramid, and explains it within the context of his work.  He urges us to engage in intellectual and physical pursuits as a means to a mind-body balance, and assures the reader of the benefits of this course of action.

Finally, toward the back, the fun begins.  We are invited into his magical realm to romp and frolic in a world of fantasy. Here he gives us an opportunity to momentarily escape from this world’s cares.  There are great things to be done here, and new friends to accompany us on a wonderful journey.  Sadly, it is a journey that is over too soon, and although we know we can come back anytime, we find ourselves at the bottom of the bowl.

The more serious reader of Lucky’s work can delve deeper into his box of tricks.  Here you’ll find a second, more mysterious, world of puzzles and games.  Here we see Lucky in an instructive role.  The older reader can take this opportunity to test his skills at various tasks and gauge his performance.  But this portion of the memoir is directly geared toward a more mature reader bonding with a beginning reader by using the material to develop a love of learning and an appreciation of reading that will last a life time.

Clearly, Lucky’s Memoir is a much more finely tuned discourse on human reasoning, desire and achievement, than most give it credit.  This is a work that can be read over and over and each time the reader will find some new empowering message that is exactly what is needed at that moment.

Either that or it’s the sugar.