Eden — Phil Rossi


Wow. This is a really hard review to write, and it’s essential that I write it. I have to go out and find everything else this guy has written, so I can continue this little mind trip he’s got going on. I can only imagine that Eden is representative of Phil Rossi’s other work. Which means I’ve got a lot of really good sci-fi ahead of me.


Right. But we were talking about Eden. If you liked The Abyss (Ed Harris and whats-r-name), 2001 (HAL and some guy Dave) or Event Horizon (Sam Niell and a bunch of other people), you’ll be wanting to read this (and probably Rossi’s other  books as well.


I can’t really tell you much about the plot. I’ve given you several hints above, and you can always go and read the reviews of other people. It is much more efficient to just Go. Read. The Book.


Eden — Phil Rossi

The only secret I’ll reveal… and it’s not really a secret… not all aliens are little green men (or large and grey, or any other type of anthropomorphic description). Some times they’re more…alien then that.


This was initially e-serialized for Kindle and can now be downloaded in its entirety.or purchased in .dtf (dead tree format) on Amazon. Rossi’s books are also available as podcasts on iTunes and  podiobooks.com. Rossi’s other titles include Crescent, Harvey and Notes from the Vault.  He has contributed to the Tales from the Archives anthology series.


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