Something is seriously not right.

Attic Clowns — Jeremy Shipp

These are stories told from dreams that became nightmares, then became dreams again. The author’s nightmare is quirky and humorous and kinda’ scary all at the same time.


It’s a collection of wildly imaginative stories, currently in four volumes, that revolve around a single premise. Well, a single premise in two parts. One, there’s always an attic and two, there’s always a clown.


You can just imagine what a clown is doing is in an attic, and you’d be wrong. You see, not only does it involve clowns and attics, there are angels and demons, and somewhere in there you’re going to find hell.


Hell. Gehenna. Hades, Purgatory, the Underworld. Whatever you want to call it. It’s there. In the attic. With the clown.  Sometimes you might be well into the story before you realize there’s a clown, and an attic. But Hell? It pretty much jumps right out at you.

This is not really science fiction, nor really horror, although an argument could be made for a little of both. Tortured souls can be devils, demons, angels and the occasional human, being tortured by devils and demons and angels.


These are well-developed stories that stick in your head long after you read them (if you’re paying attention).  Is there absolute good? Absolute evil? Will the demon give up the camera for the toe jam? Really? Can the angel be redeemed, does he even realize the evil in his actions? And what did the little guy do to him anyway? Oh, and that pony.


There’s not a lot of guessing the outcome in most of these stories, simply because the story itself is so…utterly not right. As you read, you realize something else is not right, not right, in such a not right sort of way.


You want to understand, you want to figure it out in advance.  Then, you get to the end of the story, and you think: well, I didn’t see THAT coming. Then you think: what kind of freak…? No, where did this guy come up with this? And THEN you think: what kind of freak am I that I find this turn of events so satisfying? It’s because there’s a clown…and an attic.