This is especially for my friends in the Society.

This is Silo 5…

Not your standard WOOL issue silo.
But still pretty cool.

This is also referred to as Silo 17, if you Google it, you’ll find more information. Here is a set of awesome photos from Flickr. These are way better than anything I could have taken.

The very cool thing about this silo (since they didn’t talk to IT to get it right and make it subterranean as well as a few other architectural differences) is that it’s a ‘silophone‘. You can call a phone number and it will ‘play’ whatever you say. There are other neat acoustical tricks you can make it do as well. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to test my theory.

IF you do not understand the Silo reference to Wool by Hugh Howey, and you consider yourself well-read in science fiction, dystopian fiction, speculative fiction, or any other type of fiction that doesn’t quite fit in, find this book, and read it.

It’s actually five novels, some people consider them novellas, but the plot, characters and depth of texture for each of these books qualifies them as full novels. The author originally intended to write the first book Wool, but the concept grew of it’s own accord (as genuine creativity always will) into the series. A sixth book, First Shift, is a prequel (although it too could stand as an independent novel) that has been released since the five original books were collected in an Omnibus.

Howey started the Wool series in July of 2011, and since then the series has been review by GeekDad, The Huffington Post, USA Today, and is currently ninth on the SF best seller’s list at Amazon. (First Shift is currently 33rd.)  Wool, has been optioned for a movie in the US and has been picked up for publication in the UK.

If you haven’t read this book, you are so far behind, IT should send you outside. (Figure it out for yourself by reading the book.)

Please, let me know if you have trouble finding this book, or if you have any questions about reading it. It’s that important.