Most of this sculpture is located outside the Montreal Museum of Fine Art (Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal).  I didn’t take these pictures so I can’t tell you very much about them, other than I think they are really cool.

The art:

If you look closely you can see that his torso is hollow. That’s the window behind him.

This sculpture reminds me of the little magnetic blocks you can get and arrange in a billion different shapes. But I wasn’t allowed to test my theory.

“Wuv…Twu wuv…Brings us togevah..” (What movie?)

If you look at this one long enough, you’ll be able to find a string of attached characters spelling your name. Or, I just made that up, I wasn’t allowed to stare at it long enough to test my theory.

An elephant and a ….what is that exactly…?