Road Trip III — 11 JULY
I have spent all day doing as little as possible. Isn’t that awesome…? I was going to take a picture of the water before sundown, but I was a bit occupied with barbeque chicken and sundries.

We did put up some tents for the little kids. Laid out some sleeping bags, I hope they enjoy being eaten by the mosquitoes that are the size of small dragonflies. (See, I’m trying to refrain from being all over-exaggerating and stuff, because then you won’t believe me when I tell you how perfect things are. ) These mosquitoes do dive bombing exercises through the citronella candle smoke, so I’m pretty sure those aren’t going to save them.

Right now, I’m sitting here eating watermelon, while I write this. The moon isn’t up yet, but the stars are beginning to sparkle as the last of the sun’s rays fade from the sky. I can see the lights on the island across from us.

It really is perfect here. What else is there to say?