Morning Coffee…

I have the luxury of working on these as I go along for the next couple of days. This is good, because my short term memory has been taxed of late, keeping a running tally of all the things I want to tell you about.

I’ve been sitting on the deck for most of the day. After yesterday’s ride, I’ve had to stay in the shade, but I’ll get over it. (The sun doesn’t really like me that much, it’s a pretty much unrequited love on my part.) We’ve just finished hosing down the bikes, getting most of the road dirt and bugs off, and I am now enjoying an iced coffee, and writing a letter to my daughter.

The previous guests were kind enough to leave us half a watermelon, and some milk for cereal (but no cereal). There is always coffee available when we get here. Thank you, Jesus.

We’re ready to go into town and get some food for the next couple of days. The rule of packing for trip applies to grocery shopping. If you can’t get it on the bike, you can’t get it. (Which is why I am so thankful for the watermelon already being here.) I’m shooting for corn on the cob, baby red potatoes, maybe some squash or asparagus and steak on the grill for dinner. As far as my actually getting near the grill, those chances are equal to the ones for driving the rental car, slim to none.

I’ll be mailing postcards today, also, for those of you who know.

I had to change seats…

So, I’ve done nothing at all today, and I hope to do it again tomorrow. It would be a shame if the sun was out all day, and the breeze blew in from the ocean.

Speaking of the ocean, a recent request for some geography…The house is situated on a small bay. To the left is open ocean behind a pair of islands. Further to the left (out of the image) is a second bay. To the right, the bay narrows and there’s a sand beach about a mile from the house in that direction.

It’s shallow out to about 100 yards. (Shallow enough that at low tide you can walk out that far.) Then drops off precipitously. I’ve no idea how deep. The water is about 50 degrees year round, I don’t spend a lot of time in it. No tide pools but there is one enormous mussel bed, a lot of little tiny crabs and seaweed. Lots of seaweed.

If there’s anything else I can tell you…