When we left Baddeck at 0700  I was in short sleeves and within two miles we’d stopped so I could put on a sweatshirt.  The sky was blue, the sun was warm, and the wind was brutal.  Usually, I get somewhere between 45-50 mpg (even in Canada where it comes in litres) but today I was struggling to get forty.   Wind gusts from the side and head winds were bad enough but with a two lane highway and steady heavy truck traffic, it was like being beaten about the head and shoulders with a cosmic q-tip.  Whiplash in a full face helmet.

When we got to Customs, I strapped the helmet to my seat, and pushed my sweatshirt back into my saddlebag.  THEN, this HUGE cloud comes over the sun, and I’m thinking WTF!?!?   But it was the only cloud in the sky, and soon, I had the whole sun to myself.



We screamed down route 9 like…like…hmmm…like?  Use your imagination here, I can’t think of an age appropriate metaphor. Like we were being chased by squirrels??? Yeah, it’s not working for me..

Originally it was a choice between one long day and then a short day, or one very long day and an extra day off.  (I’ll take an extra day off for $1000, Alex!!)   Before we even got to St. John’s, we had decided that if things were going well, we’d go the distance.  By the time we got to the border in  Calais, ME (“Callous”, it’s not France, you know.) we knew it would be a very long day.

In truth, the circumstances are pretty irrelevant.  If it was cold and dismal, and nasty and rainy, we would have gone ahead and ridden the rest of the way into Ellsworth, just so we could be done with the riding.



I mean, who wants to stop, get out of all their wet gear, get dry and warm, and some rest, only to get up and get back into all their wet gear and go on, when, in fact, they can just be uncomfortable for an extra couple of hours, and then sleeping in the next day, a second hot shower, linger over breakfast…yeah, that’s a hard choice to make, even in a driving rain at 40 miles an hour behind a semi.  Suck it up, hold your line, that shower is going to feel just that much better two hours later than you initially planned.

So, ten hours, and 560 miles later, we’re in Ellsworth where we’ll be staying for the next couple of days.  I am so looking forward to spending tomorrow on the deck of a beach house and not RIDING to a beach house with a deck.



The sunshine and the scenery just made the extra time that much more enjoyable. (Note to self: Do not attempt to identify shapes in clouds a 70 miles an hour.  It’s distracting.)