In anticipation of at least three straight days of riding, we decided to take our rental car back around the Cabot Trail.  My butt thanks me after yesterday’s ride to Meat Cove.

Plus, while I didn’t feel short-changed at all by yesterday’s ride (not in the least), we did get short-changed on picture taking opportunities.  It’s clear that we’ll be back up here at some time in the future.  There are so many other rides to take, it only made sense to have the chance to go around again.

So we’re taking advantage of our ‘insurance car’ to travel in the opposite direction and catch some of the shots we missed out on yesterday.  If I were to take every picture I wanted, we’d still be here when the snow flies.  Therefore, driving it is, and driving does have its advantages.  I can take notes as we go along, (because god only knows I’ll never be allowed to drive the rental car), and we can slam on the brakes for an unexpected turnout and photos.

It is so gorgeous today thanks to our ‘insurance car’.  We rented a car to drive the Cabot just in case the weatherman actually got the weather right in declaring it to be rainy and chilly all weekend.  Ta-Da! Perfect summer weather: 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky (metaphorically speaking, not meteorologically speaking).  It was pretty windy in spots, but I’ll take it any day.    If I had nothing better to do, I’d be lying on a rock working on my tan and a book.

I have to say, I Love the Ocean!  To stand on solid ground and feel the heave, the swell and then the nearly surreptisious slide out again to the sea…oh, my.  To see the ocean glistening like satin stretching out to an endless horizon.  A brilliant blue surface meeting an equally brilliant blue sky.

Yesterday I said that this was a lot like any number of other scenic drives, but that’s not really true.  The rocky outcroppings are pink granite and to the other side the open ocean stretches on forever.

As we clear a ridgeline, we look across the valley to where a single cloud is dragging its shadow across the treetops.  We’ve seend wild strawberry, raspberry, thistle, beach rose and iris. There are rolling forested hills dotted with lily-padded and cat-tailed ponds, streams studded with tumble-down stone.  Seagulls flying in tight formation low over the waves, looking for dinner.

I’ve got more random stuff that I’ll add later, but this has been a good last day.
We leave tomorrow morning to head back to the States, we’ll see what there is to talk about on the way home.