Had to pass on the ride today, which was sad but fortunate.  As bummed as I was about missing out, I was that much more happy that I had followed my ‘gut instinct’.  Woke up this morning witha massive headache, a promise of lots of wind and rain, and a boatload of laundry to be done.

Choked down some asprin, headed off to the laundromat, sorted the clothes and started the first load when I realized I’d be seeing last night’s dinner again shortly.

Had I power-puked in my helmet at 45 mph, I would have been one very very unhappy camper.  It was bad enough projectile vomiting into the toilet, backsplash is a killer for one thing, but it was a complete waste of a three-shot latte.  Having eaten the pan-seared halibut last night, I’m pretty much over seafood for now.  Miraculously the headache went away after that and I was able to hold down some protein, another three shot latte, and do a little reading while finishing the laundry.

Now it’s very humid and sometimes getting everything completely dry can be tricky.  So here are two secrets to ‘travel drying’.  One, if there are several pieces that are very nearly dry, but need that last bit of dampness removed, turn your bathroom into a dryroom.  Close the shower door or curtain to minimze the space you’re heating. Hang clothes from the rod, towel rack and the back of the door.  Take the hair dryer and hang it over the sink light and adjust the cord to point in the most advantageous direction.  Turn the dryer on high, and leave closing the bathroom door.  If necessary you can set the hair dryer in the sink pointing up.  Remember to remove all the towels for greatest efficiency.  Check every ten minutes or when you pop the circuit breaker.


Two, (this is sometimes used in conjunction with one) is a more labor intensive method that involves an iron and ironing board to press out as much of the dampness as possible.  Set the iron on high heat, make sure the steam setting is off, and focus first on the seams and heavier areas such as collars, cuffs, and waistbands. (Crotches can be especially problematic.)  This works especially well on heavier fabrics like denim, which are somewhat immune to hair dryers.


There are my two travel tips of the day, oh, and stay away from the halibut.