As we ride out of Sackville, the clouds are rolling in.  We’ve opted for rainpants and heavy coats with full face helmets.  It pays off too, it’s rained off and on all day, and the road has narrowed to two lane black top littered with semis, chugging up hill and screaming down the other side.  Fortunately there are passing lanes for the most part, and we’re able to take advantage of them.  But with the rain, the wet roads, and the amount of civilian traffic, I have to slide back to leave more room for other people’s mistakes.  This means that there are some times when we’d like to make a pass, there’s not enough room or not enough time.  This happens regardless of what you drive, it’s just more important on a bike. Because of the traffic and the weather, as well as some construction, it took us about six hours to make this last day. Trans-Canada highway 2 turns into provincial highway 104 and runs up along the lake.

Unlike Quebec, Nova Scotia has it’s signs in English, and in Cape Breton they’re in English and in Gaelic.  Which if you thought reading French and figuring out where you are, and where you want to go was tough, try doing it in a language that doesn’t even start with the same set of letters.  But it’s ok, because after all, English is the official language.

The country is beautiful, trees and rolling hills with small harborside fishing villages tucked in along the side of the highway. We cross into Cape Breton proper by going over the Canso Causeway,  with the Atlantic Ocean on either side and hills rising up into the mist ahead of us.

We are staying at the Telegraph House  in Baddeck. We are on the third floor in a room with a small balcony that overlooks the town and the harbor beyond. Having ridden not quite 900 miles in the last three days, in not the best of weather, I’m ready for a day not in the saddle.  However, tomorrow morning is supposed to be less ugly than the rest of the day, and possibly for the weekend as a whole.   The weather station say rain until Sunday, it’s possible we won’t be able to ride the Cabot Trail but in that case we’ll be renting a car to take the tour, and get photos for later.

At any rate, I’m completely whacked right now, and there’s snoring going on.  I’m thinking of doing some laundry tomorrow, and I’ll try to put more together then.