When we left home at the start of this escapade, we road 351.8 miles into Montreal.  We got there Thursday and didn’t get back on our bikes until Tuesday.  We road a solid 8 hours (347.6 miles) into Bangor, ME where we spent the night.  For those of you keeping score, we left Bangor this morning and took Route 9 from there to Calais (pronounced callous, we’re not in France) and crossed over the border.  Gas is $3.29 in Maine and about $5.00 in Canada. t In general, axes are approximately 15% on everything.  We rode 270.5 miles today, and it rained on and off, although not very hard, all morning.  It seemed like a lot more than 270 miles, I must say.

Road trips are entertaining for your basic math geek.  You can keep track of time versus distance, recalculating the estimated time of arrival, or the miles per gallon.  But then once you get to Canada and everything switches to klicks and litres, you can really amuse yourself.  If you count the markers as miles and you repeatedly work out the distance on your odometer (assuming its miles and not km to start with) it’s like the miles magically melt away.  The same is true when calculating estimated arrival time.  Whether you’re conservative and use the simple a mile a minute, or if you are more aggressive and go with 5 in 4 or 4 in 3.  Every time you check your mile marker, the amount of change just makes your inner little math brain sing.  Well, ok, mine does any way.

We landed in a town called Sackville.  Much smaller than we expected, but about 10 km from the Nova Scotia border.  We missed the opportunity to stay in Moncton at or near the casino, but just being this much closer is nice.  We’ll be Baddeck tomorrow and get a little more settled and ready for another couple of days of awesome riding.