The guy who plopped down on the grass next to us, whipped out his stash and proceeded to mix and match his tobaccos, then roll his own before wandering off into the heart of the festival.  Sweeeet.

The two ladies sitting in the concert hall who took out their little perfume atomizer, stuck it down the front of their shirts and squirted their armpits.  Niiiiiice.


The young lady who weighed maybe 100 pounds, with breasts the size of two perfectly ripe over-sized cantaloupe.  Wowsers!



An Interview:

Some of us, however, are only interested in a place to sleep, shower and check the weather before heading out for another day doing things and seeing stuff.  We are actually staying the same room we stayed in last year.  (I hope to have pictures soon.)  Last year the closet consisted of a corner of the room marked off by a curtain with a small hotel luggage stand to hold your clothes.  This year the luggage stand is behind a door in the opposite corner of the room, where an iron and ironing board hide also.  There`s a continental breakfast delivered to the door every morning in a quaint wicker basket.  (Yogurt, muffins, croissants, fruit, very nice…and a coffee maker.  Real silverware and real cups and glasses.)

I`m sure other rooms in the hotel are larger and accommodate a more relaxed type of guest.  If you come and stay you might get lucky and have the room next to the honeymooners. Oooh-la-la.