But I don’ WANNA wear my big girl helmet! I wanna wear my BAD girl helmet!!!


Do you pack ugly, so you can wear the hat you want to wear, or do you just break down and pack your shortie because it’s easier, and well, it just looks better?

Not so ugly

I really, really want(ed) to wear my shortie, I mean what’s the point of bringing it if it’s going to ride in the back?  I know, I’ll be able to wear it on our short day trips, but it means that I won’t be able to for the four days we’ll be underway.

I’ll just have to get over it.

I give up. I know I can stuff my full face helmet back there if I just really need to wear my shortie on the road. The one day ride into Montreal isn’t going to kill me. (I don’t think..) But here are the final seating arrangements. I think I’m ready, I need to be ready, I have to be ready. I need to go, is what I need..