You know, when you’re little and you’re getting ready to go on a trip of some sort, there’s all this anticipation of what you’ll see and experience (and what sort of icky food they’re going to make you eat).  While I’ve grown out of the icky food stage, I still get worked up with thoughts of where we’re going and what we’ll be doing.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.  I want to be out there now looking at stuff, enjoying the sun on my face.  I keep looking  at the route we have planned, and thinking about what we’ll see.   Like other trips, I know we’re going to see quaint towns with white clapboard houses and tin roofs. We’ll see rolling fields and forests.  There are bugs and bees to plaster themselves on our windshields, helmets, sunglasses, and jackets; and at least once, we’ll be stuck behind a garbage truck, a cattle truck or a little old lady.

A couple of years ago we got stuck behind a garbage truck.  The temperature must have been in the 90s and the truck was seeping liquid that would splash off the pavement and up onto our windshields.  My god it reeked.   When we got to our motel that night we got some buckets and rags from the owners and washed our bikes.  Then we went to the Laundromat and washed all of our clothes.

Last year on our way to Canada, we came around a corner to find a semi jack-knifed at a T-intersection.  The back end of the tractor was half in a ditch, the front end of the trailer was in the ditch and the back end of the trailer was hanging off the edge of the road on the other side.  The truck had attempted to turn left from the neck of the T and hadn’t made it.  I’m not sure the driver could have made the turn under any circumstances.  The intersection was just too short to allow him to swing far enough out without ending up with something in the ditch.  The best part was it was a Tractor Supply Co. truck.  I think it happened just before we got there, and we were lucky to be headed in the right direction to make the right hand turn and keep going.  Those guys were going to be there for awhile, and this is the part of the country where you just don’t drive around the block to avoid the accident.

I know that somewhere out there in our immediate future is a story like that.  And I can’t wait.