I know this is total geek and all, but I made a list divided by item type (clothes, electronics, outerwear) and then color-coded it by bag.  Then I came home and just piled everything up in front of each bag and proceeded to fold, roll, squeeze and stuff until I got everything into the bag I wanted it in.  Now, I’ve completed my list, with only a couple of things missing, that I’ll be able to add in between now and Thursday AM.  I’ve even eliminated a bag, which is good. Fewer things to ‘make stick’ on the back of the bike.

I hope to have pictures of the bike completely loaded to post when we get into Montreal.  Obviously, there will be no scenic pictures to share, because I do not own a helmet cam.

I’ve got dress clothes for those hot dates I was telling you about. You have to be rather inventive to pack dress clothes in bike luggage.  The taffeta dress is right out, and tuxedoes don’t fold well.  (Thank god, I don’t go anywhere requiring a taffeta dress…I’d probably go AWOL if it was mandatory.)  A little imagination though, works wonders.  Shoes go in a helmet bag and get stuffed in the saddlebags next to the rain gear.  (If the rain gear comes out and the dress shoes get wet, there are bigger things to worry about.)

The dress itself?  Let’s just say it’s a knit weave I can roll up and shake out when I’m ready to wear it.  At the very worst, I’ll hang it in the bathroom while I shower.  I’ve split the rest of my clothes between two bags so I don’t have to pack and unpack every day we’re in Montreal and then have to repack it all between stops.

We’ll be on the road for three days between Montreal and Baddeck, Nova Scotia.  From Baddeck, we’ll ride the Cabot Trail, which, by the way, is MUCH shorter than I expected.  The Cabot will be a day ride for us, and leave time for some other rides and local sight seeing. I’m still holding out for that whale watching cruise, but I was told there are only two whales in the entire bay and they’re anti-social…I’m willing to take the chance.

So, what do we have? One long day ride, and Montreal for five days.  Three more leisurely days on the road, not too leisurely, but nice rides, and we get to The Cabot Trail.  Five days in Nova Scotia to relax and enjoy the sun, the sea, the sand. I think there’s sand… wouldn’t there be sand?  I mean, sand isn’t a requirement… I’ll take rocks that lead down to the shore… It’s the shore, the sea, the ocean, the air, the wind, that I’m here for.  Sadly, motorcycles don’t travel well on open water, so I just take my bike to where the ocean is, and the rest takes care of itself.