We cruise along, talking about what the next few days and the weeks following will bring.A rental truck comes into view and the child in the backseat says, “Look, is that us?” We talk about how to tell if it is or is not.  The passenger says, “Yeah, I think it is.” The driver says, “No, I don’t think so…look, the lock is wrong.”  “I don’t know, I think it is…”  As we pull alongside, and the driver looks down, you can hear the color drain from the passenger’s face as she whips her head around to look straight out the windshield and mutter, “That is so Not Us.”


We continue to drive and it’s starts getting dark when a second rental truck comes into view. The previous conversation is renewed. The driver believes it is, the passenger says it’s not, we pull up beside the cab and the passenger looks back at the driver, gives a little wave and says, “Yeah…..No.” We’re on the hunt again for the elusive rental truck sporting the OK license plate, long hasp Master lock, and BUDGET plastered on the back, covered with graffiti.

Now, I’ll admit that I’m driving, and I’m paying attention to traffic as a waveform, and not to traffic as particle matter. This means that I’m working the car with the flow of the traffic around me. That car wants by, let me move over, and I can pass that truck coming up in the right lane.

I signal and….”You should honk as you go by…” “I’m sorry, what?” “You are driving past Our Truck, you should honk as you go by.” She waves, I honk, but I am going so fast that by the time I slow down we have to pull over and let him catch up. 

We stop for the night in… god, I’ve already forgotten, where we stopped. I only remember we have trouble finding a restaurant that involves real plates and silverware and seats that are not welded to a formica topped table.

The room is hot, the AC doesn’t work and at some point in the night I get up to open the window. At some later point in the night, I get up and close the window. Neither of which I remember.