I got one of those random catalogs in the mail today, you know the kind: over-rated, over-priced, over-indulgent trappings of “luxurious living”.
Who actually pays $300 for bronze wicker over aluminum tubing and an even more stupefying $350 for cushions? Do you need to buy insurance for something like this?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they are long lasting weather resistant, beautifully contoured chaises (is that sheys, or chases?) complete with independently adjustable legs and backrest. (Is it considered plagarism if I’m copying this directly from the catalog?)About those cushions.  Not only do you think you might want to insure them for say, water damage, but anytime you have to dry clean outdoor furniture cushions, something is seriously amiss.

I’m certain that the supple, wicker-wrapped aluminum frame chaise sold at any number of high end retail outlets, like Macy’s or Target, is of similar make and quality as our luxury exemplar. I’d even think it would be as long lasting. Even better, with the money you saved on this purchase, you can have your pool boy (or girl) store it in your brand new bath house next to your luxury in ground pool and decadent flagstone patio replete with $200 tiki torches.
Oh, wait. You don’t have a pool boy? (or girl?)
Then you really can’t afford the furniture in the first place. I’ll venture not only do you not have a pool boy (or girl), you don’t have the decadent flagstone patio either. More importantly you’re probably smart enough to not be buying the over-rated, over-priced, over-indulgent trappings of luxury living. But you do have a patio and maybe even some tiki torches (although not for $200), and you like relaxing with your friends, enjoying the fruits of your labor. With all the money you’ve saved, you’ll be able to serve premium refreshments. You could even invite your neighbor’s pool boy (or girl).

(This in no way can be construed as a plug for high end retail outlets, of which there are very few, and the examples cited here do not necessarily qualify. Nor is this an attempt to denigrate those who believe spending more money for something equates to power, prestige or even common sense. It is a simple effort to point out that just because you don’t have a pool boy (or girl, for crying out loud) you can’t have an equally satisfying leisure experience on the patio furniture of your choice. If anything you probably want to buy something you can toss after someone uses it as a ladder to get the cat off the roof.)