…whole writing every day thing..you know, what you think your life is like, contemplating grand ideas, equations of mystic physics, blending haiku and baseball, writing Big Important Thoughts to share with the world…
Not what your life is REALLY like, tagging along behind a nature guide having box turtles and frogs explained to you very carefully by the all knowing and enthusiastic three year old who was “Just Here Yesterday!” he explains so breathlessly with that hint of hidden import.  All things are equal in his mind; the frog that makes his mom squeal and the two rocks that are bumped against each other “like this” he holds his hands out in a gnarled little old man configuration, explaining how those rocks got that way.
It was more important than sitting here telling you what I’d dreamed about the night before, and all the things I thought about in my own self-important little universe.
There is plenty of time for that other stuff.  For the solar light that needs to be taken apart and put back together as a different solar light, lighting a different thing in a different way.  Time to do a week’s worth of laundry and the ironing and the making of lunch for a week’s worth of work. Time to pay the bills and the billion other ho-hum, mundane things that no one likes to think about and if possible avoids writing about at all costs.  Writing admits to a ho-hum, mundane existence that we don’t ever want to think our life is like.
For some though, the chores and responsibilities that crowd our days can’t choke out the light of grand ideas, amazing equations and the construction of plays on words (and words on plays).  The daydreamers and wonderers, sometimes the wanderers as well.
May you be a daydreamer and wonderer as well.