I’m probably going to write about books more than I’d originally planned. There are just so many books to read and to talk about. There are also a lot of books that don’t need to be talked about. Sometimes a book (or books) are So Good ™ (see Hugh Howey’s series Wool) or So Bad ™ (The Arsonist’s Guide to Writer’s Homes in New England: A Novel) that mere words cannot do them justice.If you are a fan of Post-Apocalypse Science Fiction, and you’ve never heard of Hugh Howey, the Wool series is a perfect introduction to his work. Be the first on your block.Stay well away from The Arsonist’s Guide.

You will always know when there’s a good book that needs no words.

Having said that, if you want to catch up, these posts will be listed under “I just finished reading…” and “Books” which are not mutually inclusive.

Kick Ass Post Apocalyptic novel

Second...errr, currently there is no second.