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Many a road trip that is. The first of the season; a leisurely excursion along rural state roads, past green farm fields, and through lakeside villages just finishing preparations for the beginning of the tourist season. I always love being the first of the tourist season.Except we weren’t the first of the tourist season, the Canadians were celebrating Memorial Day (No, Canadians are not required to celebrate their holidays on the same days we celebrate our holidays…just think how many more holidays there are to celebrate this way. We can have Canadian Thanksgiving in October, and then have all our Canadian friends over for turkey in November.)We’ve been here before, and there’s a motel that has an outrageous view of the mountains across the way, and a pool. But no rooms. Luckily, we were able to get a room at a motel just up the street and it had an awesome view of the mountains too. But no pool. Everyone has to make sacrifices, I guess.The nice thing about these two motels, so conveniently located, next to each other, is that they are within walking distance to all tourist things, and not within hearing distance of them. Oh, that and the Thai restaurant across the street, and the Indian restaurant down the block. (And the ice cream store one block further on.)The weather, ahh, the weather. Both days of riding proffered eighty degrees, the slightest breezes, the perfect mixture of elements to make the first ride of the season perfect. And so many bikers chose to make it their weekend as well. There were groups as large as twelve riders, going on their own first rides of the season.The first real ride of the season, always reminds me why I ride. No helmet states make me happy I live in a place where they believe in the true meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Because I will be chasing that happiness all summer long. Helmet or no helmet, like they say a bad day of riding….

Minor, Wah!

I am wicked pissed.

I very carefully saved my post at work and then didn’t mail it to myself so I could finish and post it.

This is just so wrong.

You’ll just have to wait until Monday for that one. I’ll have something new for you tomorrow.

I have a confession to make. I love road trips. For me, there is no such thing as “going for a ride.” We should be going somewhere, to do something or what’s the point? Even as a kid, they were road trips. Riding bikes around the block, or around the neighborhood? Nothing doing. Ride ten miles to the 7-11 where your sister’s boyfriend will give us free slurpees? What are we waiting for?
Just so we’re clear, a road trip never requires a solid itinerary. Got a whim to drive to NYC to hang out with buddies in Brooklyn? Let’s do it. Change your mind and want to stay at your cousin’s in MD? Fine with me. We can drive the Eastern Seaboard for all I care, as long as we have a destination of some form before we start the engine. A destination can be as concrete as driving to NC to see your old school or as nebulous as driving for 10 hours to find a cheap motel somewhere, and then throwing darts at the map again. As far as I’m concerned, we can drive all day and all night to get to wherever it is we think we’re going. We can hold driver fire drills at flashing red lights in the middle of the night and stop at all night diners for bad coffee to go.  Let’s pack a cooler with soda and snacks, bring someone to talk to (even if it’s the dog), and get some good tunes. Find a Stuckey’s, buy postcards, eat greasy diner food, sleep in the backseat (we can always put the dog in the front seat), get up and do it all again. Drive all night, sleep all day. Jack Kerouac never had it so good.

They say wherever you go, there you are? A road trip is the best way to get there.
I’ve got a road trip coming up, and I must say, I am really looking forward to telling you about it.